Monday, March 22, 2010

Man This Wasn't Worth Doing

Today's comic strip review:

Sally Forth:
Today's strip features the rest of Ted and Hilary being snarky about Sally's argument with her sister. The usual.

Jump Start
Benny gives JoJo valuable advice about women. Apparently the grade-school kid has a "wife"? That's cool. Strip's kinda cute.

No one suffering the ill effects of dementia/aging/teenage rebellion today, so we're good.

Born Loser:
No one has yet put Brutus Thornapple out of his misery. Stay tuned.

This one actually had me thinking about Viking battle strategy and game theory for a minute. Then I ate another forkful of potatoes.

Blondie has mentioned Facebook three times in the last month, I believe. Not today, though.

Beetle Bailey:
I like today's strip. It features a win-win outcome, and a tender moment.

Mary Worth:
After doing some research, it seems The Comics Curmudgeon has done this for a long time, and much much better than me. I should give up now. But, this is pretty funny, too. So it looks like there's lots of room for people dissecting Mary Worth. Today looks like the beginning of a new story arc, featuring (as usual) white people eavesdropping on other white people.

Much like my friend Big Dave, Marmaduke falls under the following categories: Marmaduke acting like people, Marmaduke sitting on the furniture, Marmaduke getting a ride home from the cops, Marmaduke being a picky eater, Marmaduke pestering strangers, and Marmaduke making a mess. Today features Marmaduke being a picky eater.

Speed Bump:
Kind of funny. I've never been in a high-end restaurant.

Free Range:
I never noticed until this exercise that this comic was called "Free Range".

The Pajama Diaries
Subtitle: "At the Hematologist's". Uh-oh.

Get Fuzzy:
A tender moment based on the dog's naive empathy for all things large and small.

Wizard of Id:
Today's comic introduces a step counter. They had a Popemobile recently. I would to get my hands on the Wizard of Id Anachronism How-To.

Judge Parker
The guy has "JUDGE" vanity plates. That would be pretty cool, if he weren't actually a judge. Now it just screams, "Key, me, perps!" (I just noticed that it's clearly a Lexus. Way to go, Judge!)

It's cool that they run classic Peanuts strips. But it's also kind of sad, because the Plain Dealer has them shrunk to about 55% size.

I like how characters rotate the roles of straight man and comic foil. Silly nerd Dilbert.

Sort of what I said about Marmaduke, but with word bubbles. There's not much to say about Garfield that hasn't already been said.

It's kind of true that kids take strange positions on furniture.

This is probably a reference to a current event I don't know about. I'll get back to you.

Prickly City:
Reminding us for the past week that ridiculous airport security restrictions are all part of Barack Hussein Obama's socialist agenda... I guess?

Pearls Before Swine:
Puns and idiom jokes you can see coming for miles, but still kind of funny to see.

Rhymes with Orange:
Somehow spent less time drawing the strip than coming up with the idea.

Non Sequitur:
Keen readers will note that the karaoke screen is facing the wrong direction.

The Amazing Spider-Man:
Did the hobo-looking crazy cousin of Wolverine just steal the head off of a museum T. Rex? Find out over the next three weeks!

No spaceship in this one.

Today's Alternative Family Circus Caption:
"...but you should see what I did to Billy!"

Real Life Adventures:
Grumpy Dad, be nicer to your kid.

I wish I had a cool janitor like Frazz.

Funky Winkerbean:
I'm not sure what they're alluding to here, but at least it's not CANCER!

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  1. At the very least, you should continue to come up with alternative Family Circus captions.