Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The second day is always the hardest.

Today's comic strip review:

Sally Forth:
Ted wins a bet about Sally's sister's philandering. High five, Ted!

Jump Start
Looks like JoJo went with the trash flowers. And I guess he does have a wife.

We get a healthy helping of old man boobs and a hint of asscrack. Enjoy breakfast, everyone!

Born Loser:
Diss on Grandma! High five, Brutus!

What do you think Viking beer tastes like? Remember, it's probably warm.

Dagwood's in his undies. At least, unlike Crankshaft, he wears a shirt.

Beetle Bailey:
Careless disregard of possibly sensitive military paperwork.

Mary Worth:
Mary's thought balloons will serve as my moral compass today.

Today features Marmaduke acting like people.

Speed Bump:
Don't read if you're a boring person.

Free Range:
Twist on guru/mountain scenario.

The Pajama Diaries
Still "At the Hematologist's". Crap!

Get Fuzzy:
More hugs.

Wizard of Id:
The King of Id will soon realize that his chief of police is an escaped Nazi war criminal.

Judge Parker
Definitely a Lexus. Also, I'm pretty sure at this point that the Judge is the one with the crew cut.

Pep talk gone wrong.

Dilbert IN DA CLUB

Looks like it's "Garfield Talks to the Big Purple Dog Week"!

If only Jeremy's poor parents had some control over his technological consumption.

Still haven't figured out what we're referencing here.

Prickly City:
Get it? It sucks to fly!

Pearls Before Swine:
French joke.

Rhymes with Orange:
Someone will have to explain this one to me. I really don't get it.

Non Sequitur:
The space constraints in newspapers force artists to draw people sitting about two feet from a large-screen TV.

The Amazing Spider-Man:
Ha ha! The hobo guy DID take the dinosaur head! Expect him to make threats until... Saturday.

Can't find the pie.

Today's Alternative Family Circus Caption:
"I'm not talking until my lawyer's here."

Real Life Adventures:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like Gary Wise or Lance Aldrich are familiar with the cost of retaining a tax lawyer.

Where do these kids always find Frazz? Do they spill things just so he shows up for some philosophy?

Funky Winkerbean:
"Our Lady of Three-Pointers". I've seen their graduates at roller derby. Be afraid.

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